Karen's commanding collection of portraits, provide glimpses into the lives of ordinary people, with extraordinary skill. Her candid representations, painted with incredible warmth and compassion, facilitate a full immersion experience into the emotional depths of her subjects. Her work is made especially poignant by her ability to capture heightened emotions. Whether filled with infectious joy or burdened by intense grief, her subjects' emotions are wonderfully palpable. The artist bares the souls of her subjects in her work, and perhaps a bit of her own.




Each piece is made more compelling by the careful consideration she gives to the smallest details. From the folds and wrinkles in the fabrics that adorn her subjects, to the furrowing of their brow, her keen attention seems to further exhibit the artist's genuine empathy for the people she depicts in her work and their personal journeys. Karen experiments with many mediums, but primarily works with acrylic on canvas. She was born in Ontario, where she currently resides.

- Agora Gallery



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Chelsea, New York